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SE 8th St Traffic Improvement Committee


SE 6TH ST and SE 8TH ST Traffic Improvement Project
The City of Bellevue Neighborhood Traffic Safety Services has received numerous requests to address residents’ concerns with vehicle speeds and cut-through traffic over the years on SE 8th Street, between 100th Ave SE and Bellevue Way. A number of traffic studies and field visits were conducted and studies show that there is a significant amount of cut-through traffic using SE 8th Street and SE 6th Street  to get to Bellevue Way in the afternoon. The results from the traffic studies and an initial survey to residents were sent out in April 2013. A traffic committee was formed of resident volunteers to work with City staff to help develop a plan for improvements to address the traffic concerns. In 2014, a project ballot was sent to the neighborhood area and an open house was held.  Of the survey’s respondents, 86% supported the proposed plan.
One-Lane Zone Adjustment and Redesign
New signage and pavement markings were installed  on SE 6th St. In addition, two elongated speed humps and a temporary one-lane zone/chicane were installed on SE 8th St.  The design of the chicane was adjusted due to resident feedback and was ultimately removed due to additional concerns. 
Upcoming Installation on SE 8th
The one-lane zone has been redesigned as a “slow-point”, or informal one-lane zone, at the intersection of SE 8th St and 101st Pl SE. This location has better sight distance from both directions and requires less signage because the roadway width allows for two-way traffic.  This slow-point will be created by strategically placed curb extensions that narrow the roadway and will include a painted walkway from 100th Ave SE to 101st Pl SE on the north side of the street for people walking and biking.  Parking will be restricted along the walkway.  We anticipate this to be installed this summer.
NEW Project Ballot for additional improvements
In addition to the upcoming slow point on SE 8th, the traffic committee supports the plan for a third speed hump on SE 8th St. For SE 6th, the committee supports the installation of one-lane zones combined with elongated speed humps to further address speeds and cut-through traffic.  
A new neighborhood ballot is being sent to gauge support for these improvements.  In order for these additional improvements to move forward, 65% of respondents to the enclosed ballot must support the improvements.  If enough support is received, installation should take place within the summer months by city crews. 
The roadway narrowing elements (slow point, curb extension and one lane zones) will be installed with paint and white tubular markers in the interim similar to the installation of the temporary chicane on SE 8th St for the duration of the evaluation period of six months.  The evaluation period allows time to make design adjustments, if necessary.  After the evaluation period is over, the city will decide if the elements will be made permanent with concrete curb and gutter, as funding allows.

     New Proposed Elements!




    Vangie Ann P. Garcia, PE, PMP

    Neighborhood Traffic Safety Services